The summer studio took upon the urban analysis of the historic waterfront in Saida, southern Lebanon and a canopy design for the main cafes on site. Due to infrastructural expansion and industrial growth of the city, Saida’s cornice became a dilapidated and unfriendly strip of land with high traffic and pollution. The task of the workshop was therefore to identify main detrimental factors and propose necessary measures to improve these conditions.  


The canopy design took into consideration Saida’s traditional crafts and local production system. The surrounding Medina has numerous carpenter shops and weaving craftsmen, which could both provide sustainable shading and local production chain that is maintainable and comprehensible. Since the town works on numerous spoken agreements between different shop owners and cafes, local involvement of production could guarantee quality of repair and manufacturing services, as well as mutual support system to sustain business in the historic part of town and avoid it becoming a tourist trap.

Saida Canopy Proposal


Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation - STUDIO X

Professor: Ziad Jamaleddine

TA: Mayssa Jallad


Workshop Members: Valentina Flora Angelucci, Tim Daniel Battelino, Daniel Bernal, Mercedes Huntley, Caitlin Sills, Gwendolyn Stegall, Chaouki Rassi, Clare Zhou 


In Collaboration With: Saida Observatory, SOSI


Supported by: Touch Lebanon


Beirut, Lebanon - August 2018

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